Ensuring the Blind
and Visually Impaired 
Continue to Thrive


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Polaris is the world's first free data platform designed to empower the blind and visually impaired community. With the support of our partners, we are working to unlock insights to create equitable opportunities for the blind and visually impaired.


A complete lack of actionable data, is holding back educators and service providers for the visually impaired.

Blind and visually impaired youth experience a range of structural and systemic barriers holding them back from achieving fulfilling work in today’s rapidly changing economy. This group of talented but often ignored individuals are forced to rely heavily on over-stretched and resource limited educators and service providers. In turn, these resource providers and educators face an uphill battle in preparing today’s BVI youth to enter the workforce and unlock their full potential in the decades to come.

To ensure that our BVI students aren't left behind, but rather placed in a position to thrive, these educators and service providers need to maximize limited resources by making data informed decisions. This data-driven approach will lead social entrepreneurs to develop innovative, evidence backed programs for the visually impaired community. Policy makers will be armed with the information needed to create tailored, equitable disability policies based on data-analysis designed to improve access to available opportunities.

Polaris enriches the data available to difference makers and equips them with the tools to fulfill their unique purposes in serving others. By empowering those who are already creating change in the world around them, we are deepening impact instead of creating our own.

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Our Programs

Data for Education

We are establishing data tools, standards, and frameworks to improve BVI education nationwide. We collaborate with State Schools to reimagine the way data is collected and acted upon.

Making data available to all

Polaris is uniquely able to link, analyze and visualize previously un-tethered data-sets, gathered from various sources on a broad range of issues critical to the well-being of the blind and visually impaired community. 

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