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Creating pathways to success for early stage entrepreneurs in Los Angeles

Home Journey

Empowering people experiencing homelessness to find temporary or permanent housing.

Critical Care Response (Critical IQ)

Expanding smart ICUs with evidence-based protocols.

Resilience Intelligence Network Summit

Strengthening national disaster resilience through technology, collaboration, and research.

FCI Safety Net Summit

Enhancing homeless service coordination with data sharing.

Healthcare CIO Informatics Summit

Enhancing healthcare through EHR implementation and data utilization.

Quality Parenting Outreach Initiative

Enhancing foster youth outcomes through real-time family feedback.

Digital Health Innovation Series

Fostering healthcare innovation at Academic Medical Centers.

Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response

Enhancing disaster preparedness and emergency response through innovation and collaboration.

Homelessness Data Collaborative

Bridging lived expertise, research, and data to address homelessness effectively.

Baseline Program

Digitizing homeless counts to accurately quantify homelessness.


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